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Inside Country Visa change (No exit required)

This service is available for :

  • Resident’s visa cancelled applicants
  • Tourist visa holders
  • On arrival visa holders

Pricing For Inside Country Visa Change without Exit from Employment cancellation.

Detail Price Inclusion
30 Days Inside Country Visa Without Exit Price 1100 AED Inside Country Visa + Inside Country Status Change Fees
90 Days Inside Country Visa Without Exit Price 1350 AED Inside Country Visa + Inside Country Status Change Fees

Pricing For Inside Country Visa Change without Exit for Tourist/ Visit and on arrivals visa holders.

Detail Price Inclusion
30 Days Inside Country Visa Without Exit Price 1100 AED Inside Country Visa + Inside Country Status Change Fees
90 Days Inside Country Visa Without Exit Price 1350 AED Inside Country Visa + Inside Country Status Change Fees


1. Above rates are not valid for Bangladesh, Syrian, African countries passport holders.

2. Applications once processed are nonrefundable. Visa approvals are strictly at discretion of Immigration department.


Inside country new Sharjah or Abudhabi tourist visa + status change fee. Rates mentioned below are an approximate to give an idea to the reader. The visa which we provide on the mentioned price will be single entry visas.

Processing Time : 1-3 working days.

Documents required

  • Passport copy
  • Passport size photograph
  • Old visa tourist/cancelled visa copy
  • On arrival nationalities would only require Passport copy and photograph if they have entered UAE using On-Arrival facility.

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Stay inside country and Get new visa. The most easiest way of extending your stay by changing status to new tourist visa without exit from UAE.  If you plan stay longer in UAE then Visa Change Inside the Country is the best option for you. The applicant will not need to exit country. provides the fastest Visa Change Package at cheapest price and minimal documents. The most easiest way of extending your visa.  All you need to do is send us relevant documents , make payment and get your new visa at your email or whatsapp. 90 days package are available at affordable price. The whole process take 2-3 working days. In some cases when the visa validity date is on the edge, we can provide in urgent cases within 1-2 days.

For information on this package please feel free to write to ,

Important Information

Visa approval is totally depends on Immigration.
Visa applications will only be accepted after the verification of all required documents and receipt of complete payment.
Visa Change Prices may vary depend upon different nationalities , applicant age, etc.
Visa change inside country rarely gets rejected, but in very rare cases if there is a rejection due to security or any other reasons, a partial refund (AED 550 ,Change status fee) is possible.
All types of overstay or if an applicant is absconding, then all fines and related charges will need to be paid by the applicant or the guarantor of an applicant.


This price list was last updated on 14 Aug, 2021.

Benefits of Inside Country Visa Change without Exit

  • Stay inside country and Get new visa.
  • No Waiting at Airport for New Visa .
  • No Need to Travel Anywhere.
  • This service is applicable for on arrival/tourist/visit and resident/employment cancelled visas

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Same day airport to airport visa change

If you are willing to stay longer in UAE, without returning to your home country due to Business Purpose, Family visits, Search Business or job, Exploring Opportunities in UAE, Consulting and lots more reasons, Airport to Airport Visa change is the best Solution. Renew your UAE tourist visa with the Same Day Airport to Airport visa change package.

Visa Change A2A (Airport to Airport) Packages -(Suspended Due To COVID 19)

Detail Price Inclusion
Visa Change Ticket with 30 Days Visa Price 1250 AED Round Trip Ticket from DXB/SHJ Airport + New 30 Days Visa
Visa Change Ticket with 90 Days Visa Price 1650 AED Round Trip Ticket from DXB/SHJ Airport + New 90 Days Visa
Important Info

◉ If the applicant has overstayed with previous visa, the fines should be paid by the applicant or the sponsor of the applicant.
◉ Travel Point is not held responsible for the Immigration department rejecting any new visas. This decision is entirely dependent on the Immigration department and cannot be influenced. The Visa approval is at sole discretion of the immigration authorities. In case of any rejection in providing a new visa, does not bear any responsibility for the application charges and no refund will be provided.
◉ All Visa Application Is for single entry only in UAE.
◉ Visa Guarantee documents will be advised to you if required or not after evaluating your application by our visa team.
◉ UAE Immigration Working Days: from Sunday to Thursday only.
◉ Inside Country Visa Change Processing time : The visa processing stage usually takes anywhere between 2 to 3 working days. Once that stage is complete the status change will happen which will take maximum of 2 working days. The total duration required for UAE inside country visa change to process is 2 to 5 working days depending on the nationality of the traveler and the documents provided.
◉ This service is available only for individuals from specific countries.
◉ Rejected application will be advised with the reason of rejection.
◉ Visa fee is non refundable.
◉ For AtoA visa change , After leaving the country you need to send your exit stamp either scanned copy by email or Whatsapp to verify and update exit records.

◉ ATOA Tickets are subject to availability.
The visa applicant can stay at the airport for a maximum of 48 hours, post which they must arrange for a flight ticket directly to their home country.

Terms & Conditions

Airlines Tickets/ Bus bookings are subject to Availability.
Age restrictions may apply for certain nationalities.
Visa application will be processed only after complete document and cleared payment.
Ensure that documents you provide are not forge. strict actions could be taken for the concerned.
All overstay fines have to be paid directly at the immigration counter.
No Show Tickets is Non-refundable & Non-changeable. Tickets once booked cannot be cancelled or Changed and its non-refundable
If a person does not leave UAE within the required time as per their visa, then all the fines will be paid by the Applicant / guarantor. In case of all kind of over stays or absconding of applicant , all the fines will be paid by Applicant / Sponsor of application.
Security deposit is required for certain nationalities. ATOA package is available for most of the nationalities at different prices.
TRAVEL POINT LLC reserves the right to accept or not accept visa change requests depending on the document validation.
UAE Immigration visa rules, terms and conditions apply.

Visa change by Bus-(Suspended Due To Corona-virus)

B2B Visa Change for Asians

Detail Price Inclusion
B2B Visa Change Package 30 days Price 699* AED Bus Fares + Oman visa + UAE 30 day tourist visa
B2B Visa Change Package 90 days Price 1199* AED Bus Fares + Oman visa + UAE 90 day tourist visa

* (+35aed in border)

Bus Fares+Oman visa+ UAE 30 /90 days tourist visa

Available everyday except Friday and Holidays

Accepted Nationalities
Indian, Philippines, Sri Lankan, Nepal, Tajikistan and Indonesia

Pickup Location and Timings
4.00am Karama/4.00am…Al Ghurair/4.30am…Sharjah/4.45am…Ajman

In line with this Bus Visa Change, we need at-least 3 working days before the schedule of exit to process the Oman Visa.